Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Keep Waiting

It's now October 4th and we are still waiting.

Just a quick update on the whole process. We spent the past 3 weekends with the kids. That includes two weekends spent with them in Houston and this past weekend when they came to our home for the first time. Things seem to being going really well. Sunday as we were taking the kids back to the airport one of them asked when they were going to get to move in with us. So yes it they are also waiting and are excited about joining our family.

We did receive a call from CPS today. As far as they are concerned, the kids can now be placed in our home. We are just waiting for the kid's therapist to give her blessing on the move. So yes we are still waiting, but hopefully not for too much longer.

When I titled this blog it made me think of this song. It doesn't really apply that much to the situation but I thought I would put it on here anyways.